Student Quotes

Our anonymous surveys provide us with a great deal of information related to our effectiveness, but none is quite as valuable as the student quotes we receive at the bottom of each survey. In this section, students are asked to provide straightforward, honest feedback about their experience with our organization. Here we have selected a small sampling of what students write. So don’t take our word for it when it comes to our effectiveness – see what people from the program are actually saying!

It impacted me by telling and giving supporting facts about sex. It helped me decide to wait for sex. Male, 8th grade, Butler County.

This helped me know how important it is to wait on marriage and what a healthy relationship should look like. Female, 8th grade, Butler County.

It taught me many new things that I needed to know including the right way to treat others. Male, 9th grade, Butler County.

Healthy Visions impacted me by making me realize that there are some friendships I have that really aren’t good for me. This week was also helpful in making me aware of my anger triggers and how to control my anger. Female, 9th grade, Butler County.

It was helpful for me by guiding me on my path as a student and helping my self-confidence. Male, 8th grade, Clermont County.

It told me how bad drugs and making bad choices really are. I know now to never abuse alcohol or do drugs. Female, 8th grade, Clermont County.

Healthy Visions has helped me live a lot better and learn valuable lessons. It made me feel more comfortable and excited to come to class every day. Male, 11th grade, Clermont County.

Healthy Visions impacted me in my different relationships and gave me different views and ideas about sex. Female, 10th grade, Clermont County.

It was helpful to hear the dangers of sex. Male, 9th grade, Clinton County.

Healthy Visions impacted me mostly on how to deal with problems in relationships and how to make them better. I think the program was great. Male, 9th grade, Clinton County.

Healthy Visions gave me options to look at when I’m struggling with something. This week was helpful to me because I see bullying all the time, now I can help others with their problems and talked them out of suicide. I wouldn’t change a thing about this program. It’s absolutely fantastic. Female, 9th grade, Clinton County.

It showed me that I don’t need to be treated badly, I’m beautiful and not just needed for sex. It really helped me. I’m going to stop being insecure and give the guy I like more freedom. Female, 9th grade, Clinton County.

Healthy Visions helped release tension that I had. I was giving up. Male, 8th grade, Hamilton County.

The program opened my eyes to a new standard for right and wrongs. Female, 8th grade, Hamilton County.

It showed me the new me. It taught me what to do and change. Male, 9th grade, Hamilton County.

For me the last section of Change Your Story, by using the duct tape example really spoke to me. It helped me realize that sex is my choice and not necessary in a relationship. Female, 12th grade, Hamilton County.

This has been a helpful program in teaching us why not to have sex. Male, 8th grade, Warren County.

It was interesting, intriguing and impacting. This week was helpful by showing me how to be safe with my choices. I stand up now for people getting bullied. Male, 8th grade, Warren County.

It helped me so I could know how to say no. Also to not do things because of pressure. It also helped me feel better about myself. Female, 8th grade, Warren County.

Healthy Visions helped. I will be abstinent. Female, 8th grade, Warren County.