Our Effectiveness

What separates Healthy Visions from other organizations dedicated to creating change in the lives of young people? That is an excellent question, and one we are always excited about answering. Over the years, we have taken specific measures to separate ourselves from similar organizations, and we believe that we are the only program in this field doing exactly what we do. Check out the hallmarks of Healthy Visions below.


Longitudinal Connection via Social Media

In addition to Healthy Visions’ in-classroom programming and eLearning modules, students are invited to connect with our speakers through social media. When faced with troublesome situations, difficult questions, or the need for encouragement and inspiration, instant messaging between students and our dedicated staff of speakers helps to create a real, lasting connection. Through social media (or email), students become aware that they have an adult advocate who is more than willing to help when called upon. Check out our accounts at the top of the website, and feel free to get in touch with us at any time. Our speakers are ready to answer messages as they arrive!


Before every in-school program, Healthy Visions conducts an anonymous pre-survey in which students are polled concerning their opinions on the subjects we cover—everything from self-esteem to relationships to sex (and more). At the end of the week, students take that same survey to help gauge the overall impact of our programming. The results have been incredible! For example, after our program students are much more likely to agree with the following statements compared to the pre-surveys:

“I like myself.”

“I believe waiting to have sex is the best choice I can make.”

“If I was being bullied, I would tell someone and get help.”

“I have a positive outlook on life.”

We use these survey questions to direct module development, making every element more purposeful and mission-oriented. In addition to our short-term pre-surveys and post-surveys that conclude over the course of one week, Healthy Visions conducted a longitudinal survey in 2014 using Google Drive and had past and present students anonymously disclose thoughts and opinions related to their time with Healthy Visions. These students had been in our program as recently as six months ago or as long ago as three years.
This feedback revealed that Healthy Visions does NOT simply impact young people for the week in which we are in their schools. Rather, real change is happening in the lives of these young men and women, and their futures are looking brighter than ever. Here were some of the highlights from the results!

  • 93% said Healthy Visions (HV) gave them a better outlook on life.
  • 90% said HV helped them feel better about themselves.
  • 90% said HV caused them to change their social media settings to private.
  • 83% said HV equipped them with healthier ways to deal with their anger.
  • 81% said HV gave them the tools to help others get out of a bad relationship.
  • 76% said after having HV, they became more outgoing and involved.
  • 73% said after having HV they are doing better in school.
  • 71% said they have decided to abstain from sex as a result of having Healthy Visions.
  • 69% indicated that they have stopped bullying people since having Healthy Visions.
  • 66% said HV encouraged them to talk to someone about suicidal thoughts.
  • 64% indicated that after having Healthy Visions, they got out of a bad relationship.
  • 54% indicated that they stopped selling/using drugs after having Healthy Visions.
  • 54% indicated that they have gotten in touch with our speakers through social media.

You can check out the full results of this survey by clicking on the link below!

Google Drive Survey – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1U87gqg8zMONQcliRh7u8xkWdl3OyXkB_D-sthdyi-NI/viewanalytics