Our Mission


Healthy Visions lives by one of the simplest mission statements out there: CHANGE YOUR STORY. These three words mean the world to young people who are desperate for acceptance, redemption, and a better future. Everything that we do as an organization – partnering with schools and other programs, connecting with teens in multiple settings, and creating the best content available – is designed to equip young people with all the necessary tools to change their stories for the better. Want to know more? Keep reading to discover what Healthy Visions is all about!

Missional Structure

Healthy Visions was founded on three pillars: acceptance, forgiveness, and hope for a better future. The students we serve come from diverse backgrounds and vary in everything from race to gender to socio-economic status to sexual orientation. We honor each individual for their intrinsic value, we accept them, and we treat them with respect. Our presenters turn that acceptance into liberation from past mistakes and negative experiences, and students are ultimately made aware of the control they have over their futures.

Better Choices

As Healthy Visions tackles tough issues ranging from substance abuse to low self-image to promiscuity (and much more), our presenters deliver the straight truth on topics. The goal is to help students understand that actions have consequences by weighing the potential risks of certain behaviors against the alleged benefits. In the end, a clear picture comes forth that real fun does not stem from alcohol, drugs, or sex. Instead, our presenters illustrate how respect, love, and good-natured humor are the keys to making better decisions both inside and outside of the classroom.

Stronger Relationships

From dating to friendships to familial bonds, teens maintain numerous relationships throughout adolescence. Healthy Visions painstakingly highlights the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships so that students will know where they stand in their various connections. We compare “red flag” behaviors like jealousy, anger, and disrespect to “green flag” behaviors such as trust, security, and value for oneself and others. The goal is for students to be able to live life without regrets, especially when it comes to how they treat family, friends, and loved ones. We also feel that it is crucial to illustrate what strong, positive relationships look like so that students can apply these examples to their own lives.


Statistics show that incidents involving self-harm, substance abuse, eating disorders, and other destructive behaviors are on the rise. Healthy Visions understands that anyone can be ‘at risk’ for any of these destructive habits during those tumultuous teen years. In response, we cultivate self-worth, self-respect, and self-confidence within the students we serve to increase the possibility that they will value every aspect of their lives and seek the absolute best for themselves. Students that have Healthy Visions’ programming are more informed and better equipped to avoid destructive thoughts and behaviors before they take root – prevention is preferable to a cure, if we can find issues early enough.

Meeting Students Where They Are

Some of the students Healthy Visions encounters have already dealt with difficulties ranging from bullying to abuse to disease. As a result, our presenters are prepared to help no matter what an individual’s life circumstances may be. Healthy Visions does not judge anyone for past mistakes. We explain forgiveness and healing (and how the process works), and help students to carve out at least one step in the right direction by emphasizing that no obstacle is impossible to overcome. Healthy Visions has helped students come back from the lowest of lows—drug addictions, suicidal thoughts, sexual promiscuity—and change their lives for the better.