In-Classroom Modules

Healthy Visions engages students face-to- face with real issues in schools, empowering them to make changes for the better.

Our Program Options.

  1. SafeTeen
  2. Choosing the Best SRAE
  3. Senior Seminar

Other Topics We Discuss.

Self-Esteem and Self-Image

Healthy Visions dedicates an entire day to teaching students how to love themselves and the people around them. We examine body image and behavioral pressures (for both young women and young men) that generate a low self-worth in our world today. By continually pulling back the curtain on the negative messages found throughout the media, students learn the truth about their value and are accepted for who they are. We end this talk by offering a constant reminder that everyone has worth regardless of appearance, talents, or life circumstances.


Living in a turbulent society that is connected via electronic devices and social media, topics such as Internet and cell phone safety are becoming more paramount than ever. In this module Healthy Visions stresses the importance of students being smart with the subject matter they put on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, texts, and in texts and posts for everyone to see. Everything from education about privacy settings to highlighting the dangers of inappropriate pictures is discussed so that we can equip students with the tools they need to “connect smart” in this technological age.

Sexual Risk Avoidance

The taboo topic of sex – one which young people are frequently discussing and hearing messages about in the media – is a highly important area to explore. In an effort to reduce awkwardness and create honest, practical dialogue about the birds and the bees, our presenters use activities, analogies, and stories to educate students about the risks of becoming sexually active today —including pregnancy, STDs, and long-lasting emotional consequences—while encouraging them that something as precious as sexual activity is absolutely worth the wait.


In a world where critical thinking skills seem to be constantly in decline, destructive relationships run rampant in schools across the country. Healthy Visions seeks to examine the ‘deal breakers’ of the dating realm in an effort to enable students to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy relationships. Dating abuse and violence are also covered to promote student awareness of damaging relationships. The module expounds upon the best path to take in both romantic relationships and friendships—one that is centered on love and respect, never settling for anything less than you deserve.

Breaking Addiction

Despite the trend of drug-use and alcohol consumption becoming almost commonplace among younger crowds today, Healthy Visions holds firm to the policy of living a life that is devoid of harmful substances. Combining logic (and lessons about brain development) with stories and games to keep listeners engaged, our speakers take the focus away from ‘the here and now’ and get students thinking about their future – ‘the there and then’ – to understand exactly how much the cons outweigh the pros in the realm of addictive substances.


Middle school and high school can be a truly toxic atmosphere for some individuals, and the number of students who endure bullying at some point in their academic or personal experience is skyrocketing. Thankfully, Healthy Visions is up to the task of equipping students with information, strategies, and tools to use when they find themselves being confronted by a bully (or when someone else is being bullied). The only way to stop the cycle is by being proactive (spreading awareness and taking action), and Healthy Visions is doing just that!

Stress and Anger Management

Did you know that teenagers tend to be more stressed (on average) than adults? It might not be over having bills to pay, jobs to hold, and kids to raise, but young people have their own problems (fitting in, dating, schoolwork) that are – in their eyes – just as big as the problems of adults. Sometimes that stress can manifest itself in anger problems and unhealthy coping techniques, so Healthy Visions seeks to equip teens with all the necessary tools to manage stress. We focus on keeping life in order during stressful times, and how to appropriately cool off when things get crazy.

Looking Ahead

In the end, the primary focus for Healthy Visions involves the future of the students they teach – where do they go from here? This module, entitled ‘Change Your Story’ emphasizes the importance of finding mentors, choosing good, positive friends and dating partners, and exercising resiliency in the promises they make to themselves. Our pillars of unconditional love, hope for the future, and redemption (in the form of the Healthy Visions ‘Reset Button’) are advocated as the curtain closes. Easily the most motivational module in our arsenal, this is often combined with other talks.


As an organization that seeks to meet young people where they are, Healthy Visions is incredibly flexible. We are constantly working on new modules to meet the needs of the schools in which we teach. Is there an area that we do not currently cover comprehensively enough in your opinion? Let us know, and we would be more than happy to get to work. Right now we are working on new modules that specifically target the issues of dating violence and violence at home. And as always, there will be more to come – so stay tuned!