For Parents & Guardians

Given the potential sensitivity of some subject matter related to our modules (especially relationships, sexual risk avoidance, and self-esteem), it is only natural for parents to be concerned or even apprehensive about the Healthy Visions program. It is our ultimate goal to alleviate those trepidations by being upfront about what students can expect during the week they will spend with Healthy Visions. Please consider checking out our ‘Content’ and ‘Reviews’ tab for a little more information, but also keep reading as this page is designed to address specific parent concerns when it comes to our organization.


Carefully Selected Materials

Any time spent in a classroom is precious; as a result, Healthy Visions carefully selects only the most relevant and future-focused materials for our programs. We also collaborate with educators and administrators to address particular needs for schools (for example, if a school has just endured a cyberbullying scandal, we might adjust our materials to address that topic on a more comprehensive scale). Nothing that our speakers discuss is haphazard, but instead is the result of hours of careful selection and intent. In other words, we think before we speak.


Inclusive, Yet Grounded

Will this program compromise the beliefs we have instilled in our children? That is a common question asked by parents, and one that we are eager to address. Healthy Visions believes in a difference between acceptance and affirmation. We accept, love, and wish the best for all students we encounter, regardless of lifestyle choices or circumstances. At the same time, we have a very specific platform when it comes to things like sexual activity, substance abuse, and relationships. Using this ‘acceptance without affirmation’ method, we have experienced wonderful feedback from students who live in a manner that runs counter to what we advocate. In short, we are dedicated to meeting students where they are in life… but our end goal for all of those students is the same.



Because Healthy Visions addresses sensitive topics that may speak directly to particular perils that students are enduring, we work hard to respect each individual and the choices they make. Even though we may not agree with every element of their lifestyle, we are not in the business of condescending, shaming, or judging; rather, we take a no-nonsense approach that makes clear the best possible pathway, and we let students connect the dots and make a decision in their own lives. If they continue to live counter to our primary messages, that is their choice and we still accept them without affirming what may run counter to our mission.


Official Standing

Pressed on certain issues, we have sought to explain where we stand on:

Sexual Activity – the safest (and consequently best) choice that a person can make is to wait until they are married to be sexually active. This will protect both their physical bodies and emotional states from damage that they may not be ready to handle effectively.

Dating and Relationships – regardless of who a person is romantically interested in, certain elements are mandatory in order for a relationship to be considered healthy and successful. There must be respect, trust, honesty, and reciprocated value.

Self-Acceptance – people are unique, and beyond that – we are all constantly changing. We see intrinsic value in all students regardless of their gender, age, socioeconomic status, or any other demographic category… and we believe it is our goal to help them see that value as well.

Is there another issue where you desire to know where Healthy Visions stands? Send us an email and we will get back with you right away!


Opt-Out Option

Perhaps you read something in the earlier sections that caused concern over your child being part of the Healthy Visions program. If so, we respect your approach to parenting and appreciate you being proactive in their education. Even though we believe we have constructed this program in the best possible way, we give all parents the opportunity to have their students opt out. If you click on the opt-out form link, you can submit a refusal to let your student be part of the program, and we will forward that information on to the teacher so that they know.