For Educators

When it comes to worthwhile outside organizations to select, there are probably too many to count in your area. And while we believe that the excellence of Healthy Visions speaks for itself, we want to briefly explain to any interested administrators and educators that our program comes with a number of assurances, all of which point to our quality. In addition to looking through Healthy Visions’ available subject matter in our ‘Content’ tab, keep reading for information concerning all the guarantees you can expect in partnering with us.



Teachers can feel secure in handing their classrooms over to our speakers for one week. All staff members at Healthy Visions receive a background check, are thoroughly trained in classroom management and appropriateness, and always err on the side of caution in difficult scenarios (often turning to the teacher to handle a situation). We strongly believe in timeliness, competence, and appropriateness in working with administrators, educators, and students alike. Even though many of our targeted topics lend themselves to inappropriate commentaries and jokes, our speakers are meticulous about keeping everything PG and ensuring that everyone has an engaging, positive experience.


Accuracy of Information

Every module at Healthy Visions is revised yearly (sometimes more frequently) to ensure that all information is current, accurate, and relevant. This is especially pertinent for our modules on sexual risk avoidance and technology – as the numbers related to those topics are constantly shifting. Our speakers pride themselves on being cultural experts and they seek to deliver only the most reputable information available. Should any teacher or administrator find a mistake or outdated information, Healthy Visions is open and receptive to altering our materials on the fly.


Engaging Experiences

Every speaker at Healthy Visions has some previous background in working with youth. Some come from ministries, others from summer camps, but all have one thing in common – a unique ability to engage teenagers. The topics we cover are immensely relevant (self-esteem, dating, etc.), and all students have something to voice on most issues. The speakers at Healthy Visions are dedicated to making sure those voices get heard, combining stimulating lecture materials with activities and games that are designed to get students involved in the discussion. As part of our initiative to meet students where they are, we can proudly attest that there is something for everyone with Healthy Visions.


Open Channels of Communication

Healthy Visions is staffed and structured to ease the scheduling and organizational element of having our program in your school. After speaking with a program manager or the director to express an interest in having Healthy Visions in your school, we will work diligently to find a date in the calendar that works. From there, a program manager will contact the teacher via email to get all necessary information (class times, student numbers, etc.), and supply the teacher with our pre-surveys and other important forms. Throughout the time that Healthy Visions is in your school, all speakers, program managers, and our director can be reached by email or phone if any complications or problems arise.


Meets State Mandates

There are some topics that educators are required to cover with students, but may not feel very enthused about addressing. For many of those – including dating violence, abstinence education, cyberbullying, and more – Healthy Visions is up to the task! Part of the way our modules are designed stems from looking through what health teachers in particular are required to cover with their students. By infusing our program with those topics, we create a win-win situation for educators and administrators by spreading our message of life change while simultaneously tackling these state-mandated topics.

Grant Funding

We understand that many schools are hard-pressed to find funding. Healthy Visions never desires for financial reasons to be the primary cause of our organization not entering a particular school. Thus, we are happy to report that – through the resources provided by a number of grants – Healthy Visions is able to provide services to all interested schools. As long as we have room in the calendar, we will do everything within our power to make it work. In exchange for offering the program at low cost or no cost, all Healthy Visions needs is permission to report the demographic numbers of your students to our agency. Otherwise, you are all set!


Do you still have questions that are unanswered? Send us an email on the Contact Us page, and someone will get back with you right away! Or you can call headquarters today – all contact details are listed at the bottom of the webpage.